Have you ever noticed ice or condensation on your HVAC system? This may be a sign that your air conditioning coil is frozen. Numerous issues may arise if your AC coil is frozen, and can potentially lead to water damage. When your system’s coil freezes, you may not get the proper airflow and temperature to cool your home properly. 

Its recommended to call our staff to schedule an appointment if you are experiencing any of the issues below:

  • Little to no airflow coming from vents
  • Water pooling around the unit
  • Visible condensation and/or ice on the unit

Why do AC coils freeze up?

There are a few reasons why your AC coil could freeze up. If you haven’t changed your air filter in a while – dust, dirt, and debris can block airflow through the filter. A filter change may be the solution, but you will need to allow time for your system to thaw before seeing if that solved the issue. Sometimes it may be something more complex and best left to the professionals – for example, your system may have a bad motor, a dirty coil, or you may even be experiencing a refrigerant leak. One way to prevent this problem is to have your air conditioning system regularly maintained, which we recommend annually.

What should I do when I have a frozen AC coil?

How to Fix a Frozen AC Coil | Absolute Comfort Crystal LakeSo your AC is frozen or showing signs of being frozen – now what? The best thing to do is turn off the unit and switch the fan over to on to thaw out the unit. Our skilled technicians need the system dethawed so we can give you a proper diagnosis. If you are experiencing these issues, please allow 24 hours for the unit to properly thaw before a technicians arrives. 

Some may think that simply turning off the unit and then turning it on a couple hours later may be a quick fix. You may turn on the unit and find that it is running with no issues. This can happen and then – shortly after turning on the unit – it will start to freeze up again and show signs of the same symptoms. Don’t wait until it’s too late and the system is beyond repair!

How do I set up an AC repair appointment to fix or replace my coil?

Our friendly dispatchers are waiting to hear from you to set up an AC repair appointment today. You can call our staff 24/7 and you’ll always get a live employee to help get your AC back up and running. You’ll be scheduled with a highly trained and professional service technician that can give you options on how to move forward with your repair!