Have you had issues with heating and cooling in one bedroom or one specific area in your home? A common problem that most homeowners experience is having little to no airflow in one room and having too much in another. 

A suggestion we have that you can do yourself — before you call for repair service — is to check the dampers in your HVAC system! There might be an easy fix.

How Would I Know if I Have Dampers In My Ductwork?

If you have air vents in each room, this is a sign that you have a forced air system – this is a requirement for this check. If you are experiencing these problems and you do not have a forced air system — for example, if you have radiators in each room — then we recommend you give us a call for an inspection.

Modern HVAC Damper for AC/FurnaceAssuming you do have a forced air system, take a quick look at the primary trunk line; this is the ductwork coming from the indoor part of your AC and your furnace. This is also called the “main supply trunk.” In the room where your equipment is located, check the ductwork in that area. You will see the ductwork that carries the forced air throughout your home and out of the vents in each room of your home.

The easiest way to spot a damper is by looking for a metal “lever” like in the picture above. You may need a flashlight to locate the damper as it is the same color as your damper.

Old HVAC DamperSome older homes have a damper, like the one pictured above (home was built in 1959) that looks like a clamp that is attached to the ductwork with a screw. 

How to Adjust a Damper

It’s as easy as flipping the lever to the opposite side. Depending on which way you turn the lever, it will open or close the damper. If you open the damper, it will allow forced air to travel throughout that duct. If the damper is closed, this will prevent air from being forced into that duct. If you are having any issues and need help, you can call us!

Some older dampers may require a screwdriver to loosen the screw on the clamp so that you can move the level to open or close the damper. Tighten the screw afterward and you should be good to go!

If you don’t think your damper is adjusted correctly, it’s an easy fix to help with heating and cooling issues in certain areas of your home.

If your damper is set incorrectly, making this adjustment can be a quick and easy fix if you’re experiencing heating and cooling issues in one room or area of the home.

No Dampers? No Problem! Call the HVAC Professionals at Absolute Comfort

Quite a few homes don’t have dampers in their duct work at all. If you are experiencing heating and cooling problems in a certain area of your home, let one of our technicians come out to diagnose your system and see what we can do to fix the issue. Some common things that cause inconsistent heating and cooling of one area of the home could be:

  • A leak in your ductwork
  • Faulty blower motor
  • Possible blockage in your ductwork caused by dust, dirt, hair and other debris which requires a professional duct cleaning for dislodging blockage

What If I Have Electronically Controlled Dampers?

Some zone systems have electronically controlled dampers. If you have a zoned system, it is best to contact the professionals as these systems can be much more tricky to deal with.

You can give us a call at 815-893-9276 or contact us online, to schedule an appointment. Our highly skilled and EPA-certified techs will come out to your home and diagnose your system to help determine the best plan of action for your comfort, whether repair or replacement.