When it comes time to invest in a new heating and cooling system, many try to repair the old one first due to the cost. It may seem counter-intuitive, then, to think that financing a new HVAC installation could save you money.

But, upgrading that old system before a catastrophic failure takes place can cost less money in the long run, all while keeping your family safe and comfortable.

HVAC Financing Can Save You Money

Why finance your new HVAC system or repair?

Reoccurring repairs to an outdated heating and cooling system can quickly add up. Financing gives you the opportunity to get a new system sooner than later… which ends up putting extra money into your wallet over time. A last-minute breakdown can be very overwhelming, and your old furnace or air conditioner shouldn’t be a money pit.

Financing your new heating and cooling system also gives you the opportunity to upgrade to the most ideally suited system for your home all within your budget, rather than compromising on a lesser system that you will have to deal with every day for many years.

How does HVAC financing work?

HVAC financing works much like any other financing you might have done in the past, in general. You’ll get an account on which you make payments, and the balance may generate interest depending on the option you choose.

What’s different is the process. Our technicians will help guide you through the application and approval when they are on-site at your location. It’s a stress-free way to see if you qualify, evaluate your options, and get things rolling. There are even 0% options available for those who qualify, meaning you can potentially save even more.

Financing is not just for new HVAC systems, though. It can also be used for higher priced or emergency repairs, humidifiers, UV lights, air purifiers, and other new equipment.

How do I get HVAC financing?

The professionals at Absolute Comfort are ready to help. Give us a call at 815-893-9276 to set up your next repair visit or free system quote and discuss your HVAC financing options with your technician. You can also contact us online if that’s easier for you!

We look forward to bringing you the best in home comfort — on a plan and budget that works for you.