Low Humidity Symptoms | Absolute Comfort Crystal Lake ILItchy skin, dry lips, and headaches may be a sign that your home could have low humidity. As we use our furnaces and heating systems during the winter, it dries out any moisture that is in the air – causing unpleasant symptoms that may leave you wondering if you are sick. If you have been experiencing these symptoms and have tried portable humidifiers but can’t get relief, it may be time to consider a whole home humidifier.

If you have a whole home humidifier — but you are still experiencing itchy eyes and skin — it may be that your existing humidifier isn’t the correct size for your specific heating and cooling system. If this is the case, we may recommend replacing your humidifier to ensure mornings with less sore throats, dry eyes, and irritable skin. Many times a humidifier is overlooked during HVAC maintenance. So, it’s important to have your humidifier checked out as well during your next furnace tune up to ensure that both systems are working properly and efficiently. There are a number of benefits from not only having a whole whole humidifier, but keeping it routing maintenance as well.

Proper Humidity Levels and Their Health Benefits

  • Dry skin is a common symptom of dry air. Lotion and chapstick for dry skin and lips can only help so much. A whole home humidifier can be adjusted to provide the appropriate amount of moisture needed. By maintaining proper humidity levels in your home with a whole home system, you skin will retain moisture keeping your lips and skin less dry and healthier.
  • Are you congested? A side effect of dry air can be thicker mucus in the nasal passages.Did you wake up this morning thinking you had a cold? Shortly after a morning shower, you feel some sort of relief. Dry air while sleeping can cause nasal congestion, sore throat, and sinus headaches. Adding a whole home humidifier to your HVAC system can help alleviate mucus build up and help increase your overall comfort. Humidifiers help by adding moisture to the air in proper levels, which in return helps break up mucus in your nasal passages and chest.
  • Have you been sick recently or battling allergies? Dry air can make allergy and cold symptoms feel worse. Having a humidifier running in the home while you sleep can significantly help reduce symptoms that come along with allergies and colds. This helps to loosen congestion and moisture within the nasal passages both, allowing you to breathe a lot easier — and alleviate scratchy throats. Cool moist air helps everyone get a good night’s rest! No more last minute stops at the store to get a portable humidifier because someone in the home is sick.

How To Choose The Best Humidifier For Your Home

Call us today to set up an appointment! Our knowledgeable office staff can help you decide which one is the best fit for your home. If we feel that the best decision is to have a technician come out and take a look, we can have someone come to your home for a quote! Our professional HVAC technicians can set you up with a system that provides the perfect amount of moisture to each room in your home.