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At Absolute Comfort in Crystal Lake, we pride ourselves on helping people stay cool during the warmer months of spring and summer. Our heating and cooling services, including our AC tune up service, are designed to keep your systems running smoothly.

But, there are some specific things that you might be doing with your AC that could cost you both in terms of system efficiency and monthly energy costs. In this post, we’ll tell you how to avoid making these mistakes!

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1. Setting Your Thermostat Too Low

Most people like their homes to be cool and comfortable during the summer, right? We do too. But it’s possible that setting the thermostat to the lowest temperature that comes to mind isn’t the best idea. You may set yours in the mid-70s, but if you put it any lower than that you could be making your air conditioner work overtime. When that first heat wave sweeps through the Chicagoland area, it’s tempting to turn the thermostat down to 71 or 72 degrees. However, that means it will also take longer for your AC to achieve the desired temperature and will work it much harder. Leaving the temperature set at 75 or above is a comfortable temperature for many families, and you can save a few bucks on your monthly energy bill while you’re at it!

We recommend setting your thermostat at 75 to start when the warmer weather hits, and slowly adjusting it down until you reach a temperature where you’re comfortable. You can also ask us about installing a smart thermostat like the ecobee, which can intelligently tune the temperature in your home to help keep you comfortable and save on energy use.

2. Blocking Vents and Returns

Your home’s ductwork is essential for carrying cool air throughout the house and bringing the return air back to the system. However, if you have furniture or other obstacles blocking your vents and returns, then you could be severely hindering your cooling system’s efficiency. The air has to find its way around whatever is in front of the vent! Something that’s blocking the opening completely could be stopping the air from flowing at all. There may not be a seal around the vent or register, but it’s still taking longer for that room or that part of the house to cool down to your desired temperature. Moving things away from your vents and allowing air to move freely can significantly decrease how long it takes for your house to reach the right temperature.

Another way to think of it is that when a vent or return is blocked, the temperature in that room is directly affected, meaning it will take much longer for the entire home to reach the proper temperature. This can overwork your AC system.

3. Skipping Regular Maintenance

Your air conditioning system is a machine that relies on many different components to run properly. Think of it much like your own body, or perhaps your car – you have to take care of them over time to ensure their longevity and health.

Much like an oil change or systems check in a vehicle, annual HVAC maintenance is key for your air conditioning system. Plus, it’s a lot more than just making sure you are avoiding unnecessary repairs and extending the life of your system; maintaining your AC also helps it to run efficiently. In other words, maintaining your AC may help you save money on your utility bills! Either way, it’s easy to say that it pays for itself. If you haven’t scheduled maintenance yet this year, give us a call at 815-893-9276 or contact us online to book your appointment!

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