There are so many things we all have to think about each day, it’s easy to forget about indoor air quality – but it’s so important! The air quality inside your home plays a factor in your overall health, and some symptoms that we may just ignore can be signs that your indoor air quality (IAQ) is compromised. So, what factors can affect your indoor air quality?

Outdoor air and outside particulates

Did you know that the air quality outside of your home affects the air in your home? The more pollutants that you come into contact with outdoors, the more you may bring into your home. If you have been exposed to particulates or chemicals – let’s say you were working on a building with drywall for example – you can prevent bringing these into your home by making sure to change right away and avoid sitting on furniture, which can spread these particulates into the air.

Aerosol containers and other products

Aerosol containers and chemicals can potentially release VOC’s, known as volatile organic compounds, which are gases that end up getting released into the ozone and affect the earth’s atmosphere. If it can do those things to our planet, imagine what it’s doing to humans! Its best to properly store potentially hazardous chemicals, and to have them in a well ventilated area at all times. While cleaning your home with chemicals, make sure to have a window and a fan on. 


We all love our pets dearly, but they do affect indoor air quality significantly. Humans and animals all leave dust, dirt, and hair behind… but of course, it’s generally much worse with the family cat, dog, or bunny! Plus, certain animals have proteins or dander in their fur. All of this goes airborne and can be inhaled, causing allergy symptoms, headaches, and fatigue. In addition to leaving more fur on the furniture!

So how do I improve my indoor air quality?

Absolute Comfort can help you solve your indoor air quality issues! We offer a high quality whole home purification system called the iWave which can help reduce dust, dirt, and particulate matter. This device can be installed in virtually any forced air HVAC system! It releases positive and negative ions into the air passing through your HVAC system, that attach themselves to each other. As these ions attach to each other, they cause particulates/contaminants to clump together, meaning they are larger and easier to catch by the air filter. 

In addition, an iWave works great together with a UV light! A UV light is installed near the HVAC coil. As the UV light shines down on the coil, the light sterilizes the air as it passes through your return ducts. They work effectively to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold, and germs that travel in the air of your home.

Our technicians can run an air quality test for you as well to see what could be impacting your air quality. We can go from there to determine the best way to solve the problem. Call our friendly staff at Absolute Comfort today to help improve your air quality and overall health!