Everyone loves a fresh and clean-smelling home – but if there’s a problem with your furnace, you might have strange smells coming through those vents. Have you experienced this? If so, there are a few reasons why your furnace could be creating those odors. It’s important to have an HVAC technician take a look at your system. Our professional HVAC technicians can help you determine the cause of the smell and come up with a solution!Why does my furnace smell? | Absolute Comfort Crystal Lake

So, if there is any sort of odor coming from your furnace, it’s best to contact a reliable HVAC company right away to address the problem. This is because certain odors can be an indication of serious issues – potentially hazardous ones – with your system. 

1. Burning Smell From Furnace

Dust and debris can settle on the components of your furnace, and are then burned away as the heat is kicked on. This can give off a burning smell, but in this case a regular furnace tune up with Absolute Comfort should get things where they need to be.

Also, your furnace is full of electrical components that can overheat; this can happen for many reasons, including component failures or increased energy use. This overheating can cause a burning smell also, but in this case, it’s usually an indication of a deeper problem that will require furnace repair.

2. Rotten Egg Smell From Furnace

In residential heating systems, a rotten egg smell is the most common… and the most serious. The smell of rotten eggs is usually due to a gas leak, and should be addressed immediately. We recommend that you call us to schedule a furnace repair visit ASAP, and also make sure to contact your gas company as well. Natural gas usually has no scent, but a chemical known as mercaptan is added to it. This gives it an odor, making it easier to detect a leak. 

3. Musty Odors From Furnace

There is a possibility that moisture can make its way into your furnace, which can leave a musty smell as your furnace runs. Most furnaces are in the basement which is a common area that is known to be damp – and, can be a breeding ground for mold. Note that running your furnace will naturally dry out the air throughout your home; indeed, most homes in our area have humidifiers installed to ensure that the air is comfortable even when it’s very cold and the furnace is running constantly. However, if your basement is not getting dry, a dehumidifier may help.

A more permanent and effective solution to prevent musty odors from your furnace and HVAC system is to install a UV light, whole home air purification system, or both. These both help to kill the germs that cause mold – and a whole home air purification system such as the iWave-R takes it further by helping to reduce other odors as well. Please give us a call at 815-893-9276 or contact us online if you’re curious about whole home air purification.

So, if your furnace smells bad – contact us right away!

Any odor coming from your furnace is, most likely, a sign that your system needs attention from one of our HVAC professionals. You can trust our technicians to diagnose the problem in a timely manner and address whichever odor you may be experiencing. We can make the repairs that may be needed or perform a tune-up to make sure that your system is not only working properly, but as odor-free as possible.