Sump Pump Battery Back Up System | Absolute Comfort Crystal LakeA couple of years ago in the spring, I remember Illinois was hit with a few days of severe thunderstorms. Many people that I knew –  including a good friend of mine – had lost power. I was house-sitting for him and taking care of his cats while he was gone on a work trip. The day he was scheduled to come back – that’s when he lost power in his house.

I called him to let him know that the power had gone off, and it looked like many others in the neighborhood were without as well. He immediately had me check his sump pump. As I looked inside, I could see that water was slowly inching its way to the basement floor.  I had to scoop buckets out from his sump pump and carry the buckets outside to dump them away from the house. What if I hadn’t been there?

Sump Pump Battery Back Up: It’s Necessary

So, when I’m asked by our customers whether a sump pump battery back up is really necessary, I say yes! In fact, to add to what happened above, my friend had to run around for hours trying to look for a generator so that he could get power to his home and avoid flooding his basement! I laugh at this story today… but it could have been horrible for him. Everything in his basement could have been ruined. Furniture, electronics, and things of sentimental value would likely have been lost. 

How Does a Sump Pump Battery Back Up Work?

It’s simple! If the power in your home goes out, your sump pump system will use the battery to keep the system working. This way, during times of stormy weather or (which is common in the spring) or any time there is a power outage, you can rest easy – and leave the buckets behind!

How do I upgrade to a sump pump with battery backup?

If you already have a sump pump and are interested in upgrading to a unit with battery back up, give us a call. Absolute Comfort and the G & R Heating and Air team have performed numerous sump pump replacements for homeowners in our communities, and we strongly recommend our battery back up option!

Call us 24/7 at 815-893-9276 and our dispatch team will be happy to answer any questions you have and schedule an appointment for your sump pump replacement! You can also contact us online.