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Read the posts below to learn more about our HVAC services, and to pick up some tips on how to maintain your home’s comfort levels. If you need HVAC repair or installation services, we’ll be there to provide the service you expect and the professionalism you deserve!

  1. Turning furnace on for the first time? Here's what to check | Absolute Comfort Crystal Lake

    Turning your furnace on for the winter? Here’s what to check

    Its that time of year in the Midwest where people are on the fence about turning on their furnaces. In fact, that first day of cold weather where the thermostat gets turned up high enough for that furnace to kick on - it’s a pretty big deal for us Illinoisans. Here’s what to look for when you fi…Read More

  2. HVAC Tools of the Trade

    Summer’s over… can I still get my AC tune up?

    Here in the Midwest, we are prone to all different sorts of temperatures and weather conditions. One morning we can wake up and it's 50 degrees outside. Before you know it, it's the afternoon and it's 80 degrees! Speaking of unexpected temperature shifts, are you familiar with the term “indian sum…Read More

  3. How to Fix a Frozen AC Coil | Absolute Comfort Crystal Lake

    AC Coil Frozen? Here’s what to do.

    Have you ever noticed ice or condensation on your HVAC system? This may be a sign that your air conditioning coil is frozen. Numerous issues may arise if your AC coil is frozen, and can potentially lead to water damage. When your system's coil freezes, you may not get the proper airflow and temperat…Read More

  4. Low Humidity Symptoms | Absolute Comfort Crystal Lake IL

    Low Humidity Symptoms

    Itchy skin, dry lips, and headaches may be a sign that your home could have low humidity. As we use our furnaces and heating systems during the winter, it dries out any moisture that is in the air – causing unpleasant symptoms that may leave you wondering if you are sick. If you have been experien…Read More

  5. Why does my furnace smell? | Absolute Comfort Crystal Lake

    Why does my furnace smell?

    Everyone loves a fresh and clean-smelling home - but if there's a problem with your furnace, you might have strange smells coming through those vents. Have you experienced this? If so, there are a few reasons why your furnace could be creating those odors. It’s important to have an HVAC technician…Read More

  6. Tips to Keep Your Home Warm

    Winter is coming, and you may be preparing to snuggle in. The wind and snow can be fierce here in Crystal Lake, and if a blizzard hits, you want to be prepared. Besides stocking up on comfort food and hot chocolate, the most important thing you can do is ensure your furnace is running efficiently. A…Read More

  7. Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance absolute comfort crystal lake

    Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance

    Life can get extremely busy for most people; so busy in fact that many people forget to do many small things around the house. The "honey-do" list never seems to get smaller because of this fact. Between work and play and the kids and the dogs, chores such as HVAC maintenance, can be pushed to the b…Read More

  8. tips to stay cool in the summer months absolute comfort crystal lakes

    Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

    Having a home air conditioning unit can be a lifesaver during the summers in Crystal Lake, Illinois. When the humidity rises, all you want to do is escape the heat and relax in your home where it's cool enough to get chores done. While having an AC unit is a plus, you don't want to run it all day an…Read More