Indoor air quality involves a whole lot more than just what furnace filter you’re using! In most cases, in-duct systems can be equipped with one of two different types of air purification systems – or even both.

UV Lights for HVAC

Blu QR - HVAC UV Lights in Crystal Lake, IL - Absolute Comfort

UV lights for HVAC systems typically mount inside the air handler or near the air conditioning coil. The ultraviolet light helps to purify the air that flows through the system and into your vents, by helping to kill and neutralize viruses and germs. Not only do they help with the air you’re breathing, but they can also help to prevent mold growth inside your heating & cooling system.

UV lights are beneficial because they are generally lower-cost and very simple to install. Call Absolute Comfort today to have one installed or if you have any questions!

Whole Home Air Purification

iWave-R Whole Home Air Purification - Absolute Comfort Crystal Lake

Whole home air purification systems take things a step further by helping to reduce the amount of particulates floating around in the home. Systems like the iWave-R, which is very popular here in the Crystal Lake, IL area, do this by causing particles to “clump together.” This makes it easier for them to become trapped inside your furnace filter, thus keeping them out of the air you are breathing. In addition, the iWave-R air treatment option also helps to kill/neutralize airborne viruses and germs.

If you’d like to have a whole home air purification system installed, or if you have more questions, please call us or contact us online for more information!