From long, hot, relaxing showers to the less glamorous, but equally necessary, task of washing dishes, we use hot water for a wide variety of tasks every day — and when we don’t have it, it can be very frustrating. When water heater malfunctions happen, not only do you have to worry about getting your daily tasks done, but you may have to pay higher energy bills. This is why it’s important to call in the help of the experts at Absolute Comfort in Crystal Lake, who will work quickly and efficiently to ensure that your problem is completely resolved.

At Absolute Comfort, we are proud to be here to take care of all of your water heater needs, from installation to replacement. Our team has decades of experience, and we can assure high-quality service, as well as unmatched dedication to getting the job done right the first time.


Pooled Water Around Your Water Heater

Pooled water around your hot water heater is usually a sure indication your water heater has a leak. Water heaters can leak for a variety of reasons, including corrosion, cracks in the water tank, or loose component parts. If you see water around your hot water heater, give Absolute Comfort a call. We’ll do a thorough inspection in order to determine the cause of the water leak and get it fixed in a jiffy.

Not Enough Hot Water

If you have noticed that you seem to be running out of hot water sooner than normal, it may not be your imagination. When minerals and sediments build up in your hot water heater, they can cover your heating elements, which prevent them from doing their job. It could also be a thermostat problem as well. Call your trusted local HVAC company, Absolute Comfort, for service in Crystal Lake and the surrounding area today!


With over 15 years of experience, Absolute Comfort can help you with your hot water heater and other HVAC services and repairs, such as air conditioning installation or furnace repair. We understand that the weather in Crystal Lake and Northern Illinois can be extreme, and having a functional hot water heater is not only a comfort, but also a must in today’s world.

Call us right away at (815) 893-9276 if you are having any problems with your water heater. Our expert HVAC service technicians are available to assist and get your water heater working like it should in no time. If you suspect any type of problems or your hot water heater is aging, give our HVAC company a call for a free estimate today!

We look forward to helping you!


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